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Broken Treaty by Steve Fenton

Steve was born the son of an Aero Space engineer in 1959. He was raised with six sisters and two older brothers in Los Altos, California. ​Visiting his oldest brother on a fishing trip in Chile who was at the time a bureau chief for the Associated Press, he saw the value of a second language. Steve studied intensive Spanish and transferred to the University of the Americas in Puebla, Mexico, notably the only U.S. accredited college south of the border. In 1980, he began studies in International Relations and Languages. After school in Mexico, he married a Mexican national who he had met at the University. They relocated to California where the couple continued their studies and after four years became parents to a wonderful son who is the core of the story. Steve went on to finish a degree in Economics, pursued a career in real estate and eventually started a specialty construction business that is still his passion today. His accidental writing career and subsequent book, BROKEN TREATY, began to take shape when U.S. News and World Report magazine learned about the account of the the private rescue of his son from southern Mexico. The magazine asked for a copy of his journal written in the months that followed his son's recovery. The magazine featured the story and a picture of him with his son captioned: "James Bond Thriller". The story also interested a newspaper in Texas that asked for the full story as a feature. It ended up as a three part series running front page. The editor urged Steve to produce a manuscript for the book. Non-fiction short stories about worthwhile personal accounts helped prime him for his BROKEN TREATY book length project. Steve continues to write, enjoys photography, Argentine Tango, and is eager to learn a third language. He is also anxious to return to a former passion -- flying small aircraft, perhaps this time mastering a seaplane.

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