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Broken Treaty by Steve Fenton
A father is torn between letting an international treaty play out to bring his son home; or following his initial gut instinct of a private recovery. Failure in either scenario most likely meant that he would never see his son again.
"James Bond Thriller."

-- U.S. News and World Report

"Broken Treaty is a great book"

-- True Crime Zine Book Reviews

4.5 Star Amazon Reader Review Rating
Available on Amazon in paperback and ebook as well as on Nook and iBooks.
About "Broken Treaty"

A year after his son’s abduction by his wife to southern Mexico, Steve Fenton realized that the broken promise to his son had been kept too long. Mexico City and the U.S. State Department were adamant that his son would be returned to the U.S., however Fenton saw that his only hope would be to leave diplomats to their own devices and let a broken treaty become useful -- only now as a distraction.

The father quietly began engineering an intricate plan to locate and privately bring his son back home to California. The account chronicles the surreal drama of a private recovery plagued by a succession of non-stop variables that stack against a father’s desperate hope.

BROKEN TREATY offers a raw look into the impact of international parental child abduction and the dynamics that tear a family apart. The account demonstrates the overwhelming barriers for recovery and the unexpected challenges to pursue normalcy beyond a missing child’s return.

Available on Amazon in paperback and ebook as well as on Nook and iBooks.
About the Author

Steve Fenton owns a construction company and leads a quiet life in Danville, California. But at one time his life read like the script of a Hollywood film — distraught father fights to get his son back, and ultimately recovers his own child under the noses of soldiers and government officials in two countries.

Fenton is now telling the full story of what happened when he lost and then rescued his son in a new book he authored, "Broken Treaty."

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